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Raising Profile

Whether it’s food, cultural or people-driven, there’s a story waiting to be discovered. For almost a decade, TK PR has worked to raise the profile of Greenville, South Carolina by finding the stories to spotlight within the community.

Press Trips

Prior to TK PR, Greenville had never put resources into promoting the area as a tourist destination. Greenville didn’t have any PR efforts at all in fact. Since 2010, TK PR has hosted more than 230 individual press trips to the area and secured more than 600 stories on behalf of the destination.

Hot Destination

Most notably, The New York Times named Greenville one of “The 52 Places to Go” on its annual list, The Today Show featured Greenville as a “Great Last Minute Summer Getaway”, and CBS This Morning said Greenville was one of the “Hottest Vacation Destinations in the World.”

Yeah, THAT Greenville

TK PR has been responsible for the PR for VisitGreenvilleSC (Yeah, THAT Greenville) – previously the Convention & Visitors Bureau – since 2010, and secured much of the media coverage for the destination as a result.


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